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(Extended Opportunity Programs & Services)

EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) is a California State funded program established to recruit, enroll and retain students. EOPS is designed to assist students who are identified as economically and educationally disadvantaged. Eligible students are provided with a wide range of support services to foster success at Grossmont College.

EOPS Student Eligibility:
1.   Be a California resident
2.   Completed the Online Orientation (new college students only)
3.   Have taken the Math & English Assessment placement test in the Assessment Center
4.   Completed Online Advising (new college students only)
5.   Be approved for the BOGW (Board of Governor's Fee Waiver) A or B on WebAdvisor.
6.   Be enrolled in 12 units or more at the time you apply for EOPS, OR have a DSPS waiver on units.
7.   Have completed less than 36 degree applicable college credits/units. If you have attended another college/university, have all college
official transcripts on file with the Admissions & Records Office.
   Note: Completing the application process does not guarantee entry into the EOPS program.

AND one or more of the following:

1.   Assess into English 098 or Math 090, or below
2.   Graduated high school with a GPA below a 2.5
3.   Non-high school graduate
4.   Have previously enrolled in remedial education
5.   Parents are not native English speakers
6.   Parents have not attained a college degree

Fall 2014 EOPS/CARE Application Period Closed

*Please check back in December for next application period*

New EOPS/CARE Student Important Information:
Acceptance is NOT based on a first-come, first-serve
- New students DO NOT receive a book voucher until their 2nd semester in the program

EOPS Student Services:

- Priority Registration (starting 2nd semester in EOPS)
- Book Vouchers (starting 2nd semester in EOPS)
- Scantrons & Blue Books
- Free 1-month Bus Pass (limit 1 per semester)
- EOPS Grants (upon funds availability)
- Personal & Academic Counseling

EOPS Student Responsibilities:

- 3 Contacts: (2 Counseling, 1 Peer Assistance) or (3 Counseling)
- Mid-Semester Progress Report (click here to print)
- Sign Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC) for 2014-2015

Recommended timeline for THREE (3) Counseling Appointments

1st Contact: August 4 - October 13
Educational Planning
Progress Reports DUE

2nd Contact: October - November
Review Progress Report

3rd Contact: November - December 19
Exit Questionnaire & Next Semester Planning