Essay PDF: Nesam Alrammahi, "Pink Ribbon A Female Weapon"

Nesam Alrammahi

Essay PDF: Christopher Hoover, "Tobacco Industries' Manipulation"

Christopher Hoover

Essay PDF: Denene Duby, "Military: Marching In New Recruits..."

Denene Duby


Student Essay Summaries

Research Based on the Emperor of All Maladies

English 120—Michelle Barbeau

Fall 2013

Nesam Alrammahi on Breast Cancer: This paper is based

on the chapters in The Emperor of All Maladies that center on

the advertising tactics for childhood leukemia that were

developed by Mary Lasker and Sidney Farber. The student

explains how these same strategies are used today with the

pink ribbon campaign and Susan G. Komen efforts. She

covers the history and meaning behind the ribbon and reveals

how some corporations have exploited the cause to achieve

personal interests. She discusses “pinkwashing” and the

counter campaign called “Think Before You Pink.”

Chris Hoover on Cigarette Advertising: This paper expands

upon the chapters in The Emperor of All Maladies about the

rhetoric of cigarette advertising and discovery of the

relationship between smoking and lung cancer in the 1960s.

This student analyzes the imagery and slogans tobacco

companies use in popular culture today, particularly the

images linking masculinity and smoking in advertising. In

addition, he uncovers how soldiers were exploited during

World War I by presenting cigarettes as a remedy for the stress

of war. He suggests that regulations similar to America’s are

needed in developing countries where the cigarette-smoking

populations are growing.

Denene Duby on Military Recruitment: This student presents

her research about the rhetoric of U.S. military recruitment.

She compares these tactics to the marketing of childhood

leukemia that Mukherjee outlines in his book, particularly the

use of the iconic face of Jimmy. She outlines the common

faces and motifs seen throughout military recruitment ads and

even includes interviews with military personnel who comment

on their own reactions to these recruitment strategies.