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main page for "The Emperor of All Maladies Resource Center"; link to book on-line preview at Barnes &


Overview (OVERVIEW.html):

introduction to the "One Book, One Campus" Project

What Is "One Book, One Campus"? (AboutThisWebsite.html):

an explanation of the Project concept, origins, and institutional participation;

Project management and participants; contact info

Who Is Siddhartha Mukherjee? (AboutTheAuthor.html):

a comprehensive bio of the featured book's author; a selected bibliography,

including serial publications for which the author has primary attribution

What Is The Emperor of All Maladies? (AboutTheBook.html):

an abstract about the featured book, its origins, its significance, and its critical

reception; a bibliography of its editions, including foreign language editions;

a bibliography of supplemental guides and texts about the featured book

Learning Resources (RESOURCES.html):

an introduction to the site's featured resources for instructors and students

Research and Links (Links.html):

selected bibliographies of articles and essays by, and about, the featured author

and book; research suggestions for related topics and subjects; links to social

media and general sources of related interest

Selected Media: Cancer and Oncology (VideoGeneral.html):

video sourced from YouTube and other sites, about the subject of this year's "One

Book, One Campus" Project

Selected Media: Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee (VideoAuthorBook.html):

a selection of video interviews and lectures by, or about, the featured author and book

Curriculum (Curriculum.html):

instructor-designed assignments, exercises, and instructional aids about the featured

author, book, and its subjects

Student Work (StudentWork.html):

responses to curriculum assignments and exercises; student projects related to the

featured book and its topics

Calendars, Info, and Announcements (ANNOUNCEMENTS.html):

a summary introduction to this section of the website

Calendars (Calendars.html):

a schedule of activities and events for the academic year; a calendar of dates, times,

and places

Essay Contest (EssayContest.html):

details, specs, instructions, and resources for the annual "One Book, One Campus"

writing contest

Locations / Directions (Locations.html):

useful information about the campus and event locations; directions and maps to

the campus

Sponsors and Supporting Agencies (Sponsors.html):

banners and links to participating or supporting agencies for this year's "One Book,

One Campus" Project

Archives (Archives.html):

links to previous "One Book, One Campus" On-Line Resource Centers, including the

Henrietta Lacks Resource Center (featured book: Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life

of Henrietta Lacks), and the Silent Spring Resource Center (featured book: Rachel

Carson's Silent Spring).

Site Map and Index (SiteMap:html):

an explanatory Table of Contents for this website; an alphabetical index of topics to

help users find what they're looking for on the site


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