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“I have no idea what kind of a writer I am, except that I do know that I’m good

and lots of people read whatever it is I do, and I like it that way."—Lester Bangs


You've found the home of Grossmont College's Lester Bangs Archive, an

on-line educational portal connecting researchers of the gonzo rock

journalist and Grossmont College alumnus Lester Bangs, to resources

about his legacy of music, writing, literary values, and research.

Spearheaded by English instructors Raul Sandelin, Sydney Brown, and

Karl Sherlock, the Archive website originated as a companion project to

the Grossmont College Foundation's May 2010 induction of Bangs into our

Walk of Fame. Since then, it has developed in design and grown in

content, with a variety of research "wings":


a "Reference Desk" with illustrated bibliographies of

books, reviews,  articles, liner notes, literary works,

letters,and essays written by Lester Bangs;


a growing catalogue of books, periodical literature and

blogs about Lester Bangs;


a comprehensive illustrated discography;


a compendium of annotated lyrics written by Bangs;


an expanding list of recommended print and videographic

sources on related topics like "Punk" and "Rock History";


special collections of Bangsiana, including digital

facsimiles, media and ephemera;


other entertaining and informative features, such as a

close-up on Lester Bangs's t-shirts.

The Archive also hosts an updated "News" section showcasing local area

and campus events honoring Bangs's legacy (such as the annual fall

Lester Bangs Memorial Reading), and serves as home to the *Box Full of

Rocks microsite*, containing a free, on-line streaming edition of Raul

Sandelin's feature film documentary, A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon

Years of Lester Bangs.

So, if you want to start "going gonzo" right now and explore the GC

Lester Bangs Archive, start by selecting any topic from the main menu

at left, or use our "Site Map" to find out more about what awaits you

on the website!

Happy Hunting,

Karl J. Sherlock, Curator

P.S.: The Grossmont College Lester Bangs Archive is an educational

resource, unaffiliated with any outside commercial agency.  We do *not*

sell, trade, consign, or otherwise offer any of the images, resources,

or items represented among these pages.  For enquiries about this

site's management, contacts, credits and acknowledgments, please visit

"Credits and Links."


Shown above: a facsimile of the official Creem stationery used by Lester Bangs from 1970 to 1976.