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Faculty Portrait: George Kirazian, c. 1963 Faculty Portrait: George Kirazian, 1967 Faculty Portrait: George Kirazian, c. 1970s Faculty Portrait: George Kirazian, 1980s Faculty Portrait: George Kirazian, 1980s Faculty Portrait: George Kirazian, c. 1990s Book cover: Easy Writing: A Practical Guide for Business Professionals (1994) Book cover: Easy Writing: A Practical Guide for Business Professionals (alt edition, 1994) Album cover: "Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church" George Kirazian, today  


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Kirazian, George Jr.

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Kirazian, George Jr.

1963 - 1986; Department Chair, 1966 - 1967; A.B., New York University; M.A., New

York University

Born in 1937 in Jersey City, George Kirazian earned his B.A. in 1959 from New York

University, and soon after completed his graduate studies for an M.A.  He relocated to

San Diego and was hired by Grossmont College in 1963 to teach Composition and

Literature; he later served briefly as the English Department Chair, from 1966 to 1967.

However, during that time he hired nine new faculty to the English Department, three of

which would go on to become Department Chairs, themselves:  Robert Moore, Frank

Vittor, and Fred Stollenwerk.  A man of many talents, Kirazian is still active as a

published author, poet, script writer, choral composer and musician.  He has made

significant contributions to the Armenian Poetry Project, and is the author of Easy

Writing: A Practical Guide for Business Professionals. Additionally, he has published

music instruction videos, and released a critically applauded reworking of an

Armenian liturgical composition, Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Kirazian is also a published essayist and lecturer on the subjects of film criticism and

music criticism, and has hosted the popular FM radio program, Reader's Theater.  He

is a licensed Real Estate Broker (CA) and a Life Agent (CA).

George Kirazian on Facebook.