International Students

Program Director or Chairperson:  Peter White, Vice President

Program Description: The International Student Program provides student services to 600+ students from over 50 different countries. The program is collaborative effort among the Admissions & Records Office, the Counseling Office and the ESL program. A&R oversees all admission functions for international students and ensures that they meet the college's standards for admission and that they are in compliance with all INS regulations. The Counseling Office provides a variety of services to international students including orientation to the college, preparation of educational plans, assistance with any academic or personal problems that may occur, and a schedule of cultural and social events that help students integrate into college life. The ESL department provides English language instruction to international students who require additional skills to succeed in their classes. Over the next six years, the number of International Students will increase significantly despite the current uncertainties of the post-Sept. 11 period. The program will need a dedicated work space and at least one additional full-time counselor.

Activity #1: Develop and implement marketing mechanisms to maintain or increase our F-1 student enrollment, focusing first on San Diego area sources of new students.

Expected Benefit: The college's general fund will be maintained in a context of shrinking state resources.

Activity #2: Identify and promote opportunities for F-1 students to participate fully in campus life, including volunteering, student government, clubs, athletics and paid employment.

Expected Benefit: The college will be enriched by F-1 students' unique experiences and perspectives, and the F-1 students will deepen their understanding of the U.S. The students will also find Grossmont an attractive choice among San Diego community colleges and recommend Grossmont to friends and family.

Activity #3: Request additional full-time counseling and ESL faculty positions in line with years of F-1 student enrollment growth.

Expected Benefit: Students would find the course sections they need to be successful in all their other courses at Grossmont and would receive timely advice as to which courses lead most quickly and efficiently to the students' educational goal. The college would also be positioned to serve increasing numbers of F-1 students in the future.

Activity #4: Continue to implement SEVIS tracking system and adapt to changes in it, including related staff development.

Expected Benefit: College and F-1 students will remain compliant with all Federal requirements. Staff workload will be manageable and integrated with other district data systems where possible.

Activity #5: Design and implement International Student Counseling Center.

Expected Benefit: Improved and dedicated services to F-1 students.

2003 2004 Accomplishments

  • Expand the variety of cultural and social events for F-1 students.
  • Successfully implemented SEVIS.
  • Minimized decline in F-1 enrollment despite negative conditions for obtaining student visas.
  • Maintained level of counseling services to F-1 students despite overall budget reductions in the Counseling department.
  • Continued scholarships for F-1 students.
  • Inclusion of F-1 students in recognition ceremony.
  • Maintained and expanded programming for international students.
  • Enrolled 141 out of 171 (82%) of admitted (I-20-issued) students.
  • Maintained information on multiple procedural and legal F-1 immigration changes.
  • Expanded workshops designed for F-1 students (Practical Training; Transfer; Application).
  • Greater integration and participation of U.S. students in International Club activities.