EOPS / CARE and calWORKs

Program Director or Chairperson:  Janice Johnson

Program Description: Extended Opportunities Program and Services (EOPS) was established by the State Legislature in 1969 to meet the special needs of low income, educationally disadvantaged community college students. EOPS recruits and establishes supportive services to retain historically underrepresented students in the college. EOPS also administers the Cooperative Agencies and Resources for Education (CARE) grant which was established in 1991 to assist single parent students with children (under age 14) who also receive AFDC/CalWORKs or have an active case number with the Department of Social Services. EOPS and CARE eligible students receive specialized counseling, peer advising and support services including funds for college text books and financial grants. Both EOPS and CARE are funded categorically directly from the State Chancellor's Office. The EOPS/CARE program at Grossmont continues to grow. Although funded to serve 993 students for the 2003/04 academic year, the Grossmont College EOPS/CARE programs currently serve over 1500 students which comprises more than 16% of the full-time Grossmont College student enrollment. The program is challenged in that it is categorical. Despite increased needs from students, funding for both programs were reduced by the State Legislature for the 03/04 academic year. Above cap students are funded through close collaboration with other campus programs and requests for additional funds that are allocated from the State Chancellor's Office for documented additional specific needs such as college text books.

The campus based CalWORKs program provides support to student parents on welfare, and former welfare recipients who want to upgrade their skills or complete degrees while employed. The program works in collaboration with the San Diego County Department of Social Services and their contractors. Students receive career planning, academic and personal counseling along with direct referrals to licensed child care and assistance in obtaining important resources to sustain employment plus college text books college supplies, assistance with transportation, and child care. Grossmont College CalWORKs serves 300 students and is among the largest in the San Diego County.

Activity #1: Participate in planning of new offices in proposed Student Services Gateway building.

Expected Benefit: Better access to services for students.

Activity #2: EOPS Student Retention

Expected Benefit: Maintain overall retention of EOPS students to 90% or higher and therefore positively improve the entire campus retention particularly with students who may not otherwise succeed. This Student Success Plan is a formal process of follow up for EOPS students on probation or identified as high-risk.

Activity #3: Conduct EOPS Summer Readiness Program.

Expected Benefit: Assist spring High School graduates with their transition to college while enhancing their academic success. Identify 40 graduating high school seniors, who are historically under-represented at the college, for full-time summer participation with the goal of 30 continuing the following fall in the campus Project Success Program and EOPS.

Activity #4: Develop a system of intervention for EOPS students who are undecided about their educational goal or college major.

Expected Benefit: Reduce from 20% to 10% students in EOPS who indicate their educational goal is undecided. EOPS has developed the process to update all participating students’ major and educational goals each semester. The next step is to develop a process for follow-up and intervention.

Activity #5: Increase counselor time for Grossmont College CalWORKs students.

Expected Benefit: Better access for students in academic planning and career preparation.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Develop and implement utilization of electronic delivery systems to provide and expand EOPS/CalWORKs student services, including an EOPS and CalWORKs student list serve.
  • Implement methods for web based mid-semester progress reports.
  • Establish a system for document imaging of all student files.
  • Expand outreach to 7th and 8th grade students and their parents. Focus on academic preparation for college and financial resources.
  • Expand community collaborations to benefit students participating in CalWORKs and to expand community outreach to potential college students.
2003 – 2004 Accomplishments
  • Successfully merged EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs offices, staff and programs.
  • Completed an office reorganization to better serve students
  • Served over 300 CalWORKs students in the areas of counseling and academic advising, job development, work study and childcare.
  • Summer 2003, EOPS developed the first Summer Readiness program. 32 students enrolled with 31 completing. A remarkable 30 enrolled full-time in the fall 2003 semester.
  • The EOPS Specialist position is a staff member who has extraordinary skills in online systems and web development. The program was able to enhance many systems of delivery for both students and staff due to her expertise.
  • The EOPS/CARE program added resources for current and potential students to the EOPS Web Site including useful links, applications, and community resources.