Gear up

Program Director or Chairperson:  Wendy Craig, Assistant Dean

Program Description: GEAR UP is a program designed to systematically assist cohort groups from middle school through high school to plan and prepare for college. The program provides services to students, parents and staff to create a college-going culture within the school. The program works with a cohort of up to 400 students in each grade level, beginning in 7th grade, and provides services to the cohort for five years.

Activity #1: Provide a Parent Institute for Quality Education to 6th, 7th and 8th grade parents at Cajon Valley Middle School

Expected Benefit: Parents will enhance understanding of college entrance requirements and achieving academic success for their children

Activity #2: Provide field trips, activities and workshops for students at Cajon Valley Middle School

Expected Benefit: Students at Cajon Valley Middle School will gain an awareness about and desire to attend college, as well as enhancing their motivation towards academic success

Activity #3: Develop and enhance the college-going culture at Cajon Valley Middle School

Expected Benefit: Students will become aware of the requirements to attend college and focus on college attendance and graduation at an early age

Activity #4: Provide staff development opportunities for teachers at Cajon Valley Middle School

Expected Benefit: Teachers will develop ways in which to promote college attendance for all their students

Activity #5: Continue to build collaboration between Cajon Valley Middle School and El Cajon Valley High School to assist in transition of 8th graders to high school

Expected Benefit: A strong relationship between the two partners will enhance the transition of GEAR UP students to the 9th grade, by ensuring that procedures are in place to continue the GEAR UP program at the high school level

Additional Planning Activities

Develop calendar of student, parent and staff activities for the academic year
Seek additional partners to strengthen the GEAR UP program

2003 2004 Accomplishments

  • Began implementation of grant
  • Hired staff, including an educational program specialist, parent liaison, educational case manager and two middle school teachers
  • Conducted a Parent Institute for Quality Education to nearly 100 families
  • Developed a staff development strategic plan for Cajon valley Middle School
  • Received additional funding through the State GEAR UP grant program
  • Provided $2,000 scholarships to 11 middle school students