Grossmont College Foundation

Program Director or Chairperson:  Howard Kummerman, Executive Director

Program Description: The Grossmont College Foundation is an Auxiliary Organization to the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District and a totally independent 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization through which all college fundraising endeavors are conducted. The Foundation directly supports students, faculty, and staff at the College through funding of scholarships, educational equipment and supplies, facilities and special campus programs.

Activity #1: Resource Development: The Grossmont College Foundation seeks funds through three major endeavors: solicitation of individuals; grant requests; special events.

Expected Benefit: Grossmont College benefits through the restricted and unrestricted funds that support the campus.

Activity #2: Management of college restricted funds and department fundraising activities: The Foundation facilitates and manages the fiscal, legal and logistical aspects of program restricted funds as well as supporting soliciting contributions for restricted program purposes.

Expected Benefit: The benefit is increased restricted contributions to Grossmont programs and, most importantly, the development of sound methods for tracking and recognizing donors. This translates into fulfilling all necessary non-profit legal and financial practices.

Activity #3: Promote positive image of Grossmont College: The Foundation reaches out to Grossmont supporters through mailings, phone calls, and special events. These include faculty/staff, retirees, corporations, Alumni, and community leaders.

Expected Benefit: The benefit is increased contributions to the Foundation to support the college as well as the recruitment of volunteers who support these efforts.

Activity #4: Program Funding: Through budgeted line items and a request process, the Grossmont College Foundation provides funds to support the college in its mission.

Expected Benefit: The benefits include the funding of activities not paid for through the general budget and funding for specific equipment or projects that benefit students and faculty.

2003-2004 Selected Accomplishments

  • Produced successful change in Gala producing Walk of Fame Gala raising over $45,000 with 300 guests and increasing revenue from sponsorships and auction items over past year
  • Instituted new Gala format to incorporate Walk of Fame Alumni and add recognition for Walk of Fame Business Partnership and Student Honorees.
  • Increased giving from Faculty / Staff Giving Campaign to $8,876 increased number of givers to more than 50
  • Increased individual donor giving (non-event) from $1,734 to $22,735 from restricted and unrestricted sources.
  • Raised greater funding from individual Annual Gifts totaling more than $28,877.
  • Realized greater income from restricted foundation and corporate grants solicited by the Foundation for a total of $17,000.
  • Raised more funds from unrestricted grant funding from corporations and foundations for a total of $12,412.
  • Realized greater board member willingness to set personal fundraising goals beyond $1,000 per member for a total of more than $15,000 directly contributed by members of board of directors; More than $20,000 in other gifts raised by board
  • Solicited retirees through year-end direct mail letter seeking funds and marketing Foundation planned giving programs.
  • Conducted 2nd Annual Brad Daluiso Celebrity Golf Classic golf tournament netting more than $14,000
  • Added two new board members to Foundation
  • Increased internal college visibility through coordination and participation in college special events such as the LTRC Grand Opening, the Awards event, Professional Development Week, and much more.
  • Coordinated annual retreat with innovative approach to involve college leadership with board members in strategic planning
  • Created new restricted funds for a total of more than 20 funds that are being supported by the foundation
  • Coordinated efforts with GC Scholarship office to transfer the process of soliciting and receiving private funds through the Foundation.
  • Acquired Big Online / Foundation Search web-based database for researching potential grant opportunities.
  • Distributed more than $3,760 in general Foundation scholarships to students
  • Assisted and supported college programs in writing grants and producing fundraising activities
  • Funded $3,690 in staff development activities
  • Supported $4,892 in other campus program needs
  • Funded $2,000 in student support
  • Established new College Development Fund setting up a mini-grant program kicking off with the new fiscal year.
  • Coordinated all management activities (fiscal & legal) to support restricted program funds.
  • Expended $76,333 in restricted program funds to support specific college efforts.