College and Community Relations

Program Director or Chairperson:  Susan Herney, Manager

Program Description: The Department of College and Community Relations uses marketing and public relations tools to develop and implement community relations and public information programs, marketing and promotional campaigns in order to enhance access, develop community awareness and to enhance the image of Grossmont College.

Activity #1: Public Information: Assess and respond to community needs for information about College programs, services and activities. Support activities include: analysis of enrollment trends; identification of key messages for stakeholder groups; serve as liaison to District for news media; develop talking point strategies; post news release on website.

Expected Benefit: Heightened awareness about Grossmont College programs, and services among external constituencies; College program staff are more effective in identification of and communication with target audiences.

Activity #2: Advertising and promotion to communicate the Grossmont College message and to meet enrollment targets. Supported activities include: Strategic Marketing Plan, messages and media selected as appropriate and to conform with data generated by Enrollment Strategies Committee; Implement advertising campaigns for targeted enrollment initiatives.

Expected Benefit: Heightened awareness about Grossmont College programs and services among external constituencies. Grossmont College Divisions and Departments are more effective in identifying and communicating to target audience. Access to new and specialty courses and programs is enhanced.

Activity #3: Maximize opportunities to enhance the Grossmont College image with internal and external audiences in collaboration with the Grossmont College Foundation, Phi Theta Kappa and the ASGC. Support activities including planning assistance and promotion of selected campus events such as WACO; GC Foundation; ASGC; Recognition Awards Ceremony; and new revenue projects.

Expected Benefit: Heightened awareness about Grossmont College programs, and services among external constituencies. Grossmont College publications, programs and events have consistent design elements with use of logo and protocols; Divisions and Departments are more effective in identifying and communication to target audiences; Support college priority projects.

2003 - 2004 Accomplishments

  • Provided more than 40 consultation sessions for faculty/staff (through 1/31/04)
  • Prepared nominations for faculty for CASE Professors of the Year, for SD Press Club Headliner of the Year, Meritorious Coach of the Year, etc.
  • Developed Text and Process for Budget Crisis Website.
  • Coordinated distribution of Grossmont College class schedules and other promotional materials to East County high schools, community centers, and libraries.
  • Collaborated with Counseling Outreach staff to provide materials for high school outreach events.
  • Collaborated with ASGC in matters of public and media relations.
  • Developed and placed print ads in local print media, high school yearbooks and student newspapers.
  • Coordinated seven community outreach events (through 1/31/04).
  • Provided consultation, collaboration and support of GC Foundation events and Resource Development activities.
  • Initiated series of Spanish-language interviews featuring Grossmont College personnel on Univision KBNT-TV.
  • Prepared 35 entries for state, regional and national competitions to showcase work of Grossmont College faculty and staff, producing 12 winning entries.
  • Edited and produced four issues of Campus Scene (through 1/31/04) and coordinated transition to alternative electronic dissemination.
  • Thirteen News Releases disseminated and posted on web (through 1/31/04)
  • Wrote, edited, and coordinated photography for Grossmont College section of the GCCCD Annual Report.
  • Updated “Facts in Brief” brochure.
  • Designed and produced exhibit-quality displays for community events.
  • Designed and produced pocket folders for community events and outreach.
  • Ordered, stocked and established inventory system for promotional materials for community events and outreach.