Printing Department

Program Director or Chairperson:   Debra Fitzsimons

Program Description: The Printing Department provides essential reproduction services for the College and District, full-service copying for instructional purposes in handouts, syllabuses and tests (including textbooks for students that are sold in the Grossmont College Bookstore) and all administrative printing needs. Printing services are used to produce letterhead/envelope stationery and business cards. Color Printers make possible the production of color brochures, programs, reports, newsletters, posters, including the playbills used to advertise College music performances, theatre productions and Art Gallery shows. Technology within the Printing area changes rapidly and along with the changes are increases in customer service demands. The printing process is inherently time sensitive, since most requests are tied to a schedule or deadline. Our mission, as Grossmont College's Printing Department, is to provide the best, most current reproduction and related services possible.

Activity #1: Research the replacement of a vacant classified contract position. Initiate the addition of a .75 FTE Classified position of Bindery Specialist.

Expected Benefit: To provide and maintain staff service support for educational effectiveness, through online job submission, a wide range of bindery equipment and prepress darkroom assignments

Activity #2: Search and pursuit of current technology for equipment leases and purchases.

Expected Benefit: Recognize the Printing Department customer's needs and acquire the equipment leases and purchases necessary to complete the process.

Activity #3: Continue to enhance the development of the Grossmont College Printing Department's website and improve online job submissions for faculty

Expected Benefit: Continually work to identify and facilitate Grossmont College's staff needs and communicate these services on our Printing Department's website

Activity #4: Research equipment that will permit network, as well as analog, printing

Expected Benefit: This flexible and modern way to process work will result in a significant amount of time saved and background for a future chargeback system.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Establish bi-monthly staff meetings..
  • Plan for a highly effective service department, continually evaluating all aspects of customer service.
  • Review and modify individual and departmental yearly goals.
  • Continue, when possible, staff participation in staff development through seminars, workshops and classes to increase knowledge of service processes.
  • Generate high-morale through shared participation of staff in departmental planning activities.
  • Plan and project effective communication with all staff in the Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District.
  • Acquire upgrades to current computer equipment.
  • Research, initiate and secure modern reproduction equipment.
  • Recognize and promote budget savings.
2003 2004 Accomplishments
  • Secured modern computer equipment..
  • As equipment leases are expiring, the department visited several vendors to establish criteria for the most modern equipment that will meet the district-wide needs.
  • Participated in Staff Development Week by giving presentations of the Printing Department's services including the website, featuring our online job submission.
  • Increased knowledge of equipment by attending classes for staff development.
  • Staff continually evaluated, moved forward and improved all aspects of customer service.
  • Produced an attractive Adoption Budget for Vice Chancellor Jim Austin.
  • Promoted budget savings throughout the department including the monitoring of paper quantities and color mandated as cost-saving procedures by the Dean of Administrative Services, Debra Fitzsimons.
  • Withstood the perils of being next to the ongoing demolition of the learning resource center.
  • The Printing Department moved to the new location on the west side of the Tech Mall. With hard work and persistence the move went amazingly smooth and we were ready for business (finals) before the end of the Fall 2003 semester.
  • Through many hours of collaboration with contractors and staff, the Printing Department took on a modern appearance, "yes" clean, roomy with that overall feeling of efficiency.
  • Received dozen of compliments on the new friendly service arrangement. The counter being expanded to accommodate a number of customers with the convenience of picking up their printed work (excluding tests that are stored in a locked cabinet).
  • Lowered electrical and chemical costs by upgrading to a modern and efficient film processor and plate burner for the darkroom (parts were no longer available).
  • Upgraded to a modern paper punch that drills 2-3" of paper with multiple punches. This frees-up staff for other duties, plus physically reduces stress on the operator's knee.
  • Received a Xerox 2101 machine on loan for demonstration and evaluation purposes. After testing this equipment for 8 weeks, we were impressed with its quality and reliability. The Xerox 2101 will be among the equipment considered when our lease has expired.