Office of the Dean

Program Director or Chairperson:  Debra Fitzsimons, Dean

Program Description: The Grossmont College Office of Dean, Administrative Services is responsible for administrative and business operations such as Accounting (liaison to the District), Bookstore (contract management), budget development, planning, and monitoring (relationship with District and Planning & Budget Council), Campus Business Services and Communications, Cashiering & Accounts Receivable, Facilities Maintenance, Grounds, and Operations, Construction Management (liaison with District and outside contractors), Food Service (contract management), Grant Reporting/Monitoring, Public Safety (liaison with District), Risk Management (liaison with District), District Business Services and Purchasing/Contracts (campus approval and liaison), Payroll and Personnel (liaison to District), and Printing Services. The goal of the Administrative Services unit is to provide a firm foundation of administrative excellence to the college faculty, staff, and students.

Activity #1: Continue to develop budget analysis and processes in which to improve budget information and reporting. Provide campus constituency groups, such as Planning and Budget Council, with timely, accurate, and factual budget and fiscal information, to assist in the processes for making related recommendations and decision-making. Train budget analyst.

Expected Benefit: Campus constituency groups need to keep informed regarding budget information and other related issues. Good communication and developing good processes for providing this information on a regular will be important, especially for the next fiscal year with anticipated state budget reductions.

Activity #2: The Dean-Administrative Services will continue to work with District staff to improve business processes, budget information, and work together on common issues for resolution.

Expected Benefit: Improved Business processes, better communication, more effective working relationships and environment. Improved communication and information provided to campus.

Activity #3: Review structure of divisional departments to increase customer service and improve workflow processes. Hire all replacement classified positions within the unit.

Expected Benefit: Improve customer service and productivity to better service students, faculty, and staff. Assist with serving instructional and student services needs and provide much needed stability in the unit. Increase employee morale.

Activity #4: Improve communication of important information related to budget and facilities to campus, including new web-site, campus wide e-mails, signage, reporting out to campus committees and other methods.

Expected Benefit: Improved communication campus wide. Promote campus awareness of budgetary information

Activity #5: Divisional staff will participate in service training related to business practices, fiscal/technical improvements, and budgets to increase productivity, improve technical skills, knowledge/abilities and customer service.

Expected Benefit: Improved communication campus wide. Promote campus awareness of budgetary information.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Work with division staff regarding impacts of budget reduction to Administrative Services division and ability to serve campus effectively. Provide leadership and assist with budget analysis for College Savings Taskforce.
  • Provide leadership on Proposition R and facilities related activities.
  • Continue to work with Food Services and Bookstore vendors in efforts to improve services to campus.
  • Work with program managers to improve restricted funds budgeting, preparation, monitoring, and fiscal processes.
  • Streamline business processes for restricted funds, and for other business processes.
  • Explore ways to improve employee morale in unit.
  • Improve travel procedures/work flow.
  • Improve key control system and data bases. Improve campus security through improved processes and educational awareness.