Maintenance Services

Program Director or Chairperson:  Tim Flood

Program Description: The Grossmont College Maintenance Department provides a broad spectrum of construction and repair service support for the entire college community including: plumbing, plastering, HVAC, carpentry, mechanical, locksmith, concrete, painting, building maintenance and safety repairs.

Activity #1: Support Prop R and college projects by providing necessary expertise during planning, design and construction phases.

Expected Benefit: A better integrated, efficient, standardized, building infrastructure.

Activity #2: Continue 5-year classroom renovation schedule.

Expected Benefit: Better facilitate the educational requirements of the departments and college while improving the learning environment.

Activity #3: Participate in training and educational opportunities through in-services and vendor sponsored events such as: HVAC, DDC controls, energy savings devices, safety, and other maintenance related topics.

Expected Benefit: Quicker repair and maintenance services due to a better informed and trained department. A better informed, safety conscious department, whose employees are aware and up to date on current maintenance practices, requirements and safety procedures.

Activity #4: Remodel offices and classrooms as identified by the Facilities Committee and Director of Campus Facilities, Operations and Maintenance.

Expected Benefit: A more uniform, aesthetically pleasing, environment friendly college campus. A safer work and educational environment for staff and students. Assists the college to reduce expenditures by utilizing in house expertise to perform minor remodel projects.

Activity #5: Hire additional staff to facilitate quicker repair time and service newly constructed facilities such as the 55,000 sq. ft. LRC Building, the Science Lab Building, and all of the infrastructure related to these new buildings.

Expected Benefit: Quicker repair times, and a longer service life from facilities building systems. The ability to continue to serve the college at the present level without making cuts or sacrificing service to the college.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Hire maintenance supervisor
2003 2004 Accomplishments
  • Staff attended in-services and educational opportunities including: HVAC maintenance, Back Flow Device certification, and EMS systems training.
  • Assisted in the compilation of building systems and product standards for new building construction.
  • Assisted in the research and implementation of the new access control/keyless lock system, attended training and certification process.
  • Painted interiors of 500 North, East, and South classrooms.
  • Assisted in the remodel of 590A, 590B, 590C, and EOPS offices.
  • Installed replacement HVAC units on District Offices South.
  • Repaired 200 portable roofs and main Child Care building roof.
  • Repaired Gym roof and skylights.
  • Replaced all HVAC filters after fires.
  • Assisted in cleaning up college facilities after wild fires. Completed the entire clean up procedure in 1 1/2 days.
  • Completed a complete HVAC list.
  • Repaired and replaced gas lines in the 200 building.
  • Established monthly safety meetings.
  • Assisted in completion of asbestos removal and pipe insulation project in mechanical rooms campus wide.
  • Assembled child care play structures.
  • Assisted in the cafeteria remodel.
  • Established emergency response procedures.
  • Completed EOPS patio area.
  • Remodel Astronomy lab, built light shield to protect telescopes from new LRC lights.
  • Assisted in installing walk-in freezer in Culinary Arts.
  • Re-keyed various campus buildings after master keys were lost.
  • Replaced pool plumbing and assisted in determining and correcting chemical imbalance.
  • Installed new HVAC and air filtration system in ceramics department.