Program Director or Chairperson:  Patti Andrasko / Debra Fitzsimons

Activity #1: Implement regular cashier meetings for the purposes of communicating information to staff, ensuring good and accurate information is given. It will provide more accountability to our customers and staff.

Expected Benefit: Increased customer service and accuracy

Activity #2: Work with offices on campus to educate them on cash collection procedures to ensure that cash collection procedures and accounting controls are followed.

Expected Benefit: More efficiency and consistency in cash flow. Decrease risk of financial loss and maintain accounting controls.

Activity #3: Increase contract Classified staff in Cashiering office by 1.0 FTE due to increased coverage needs for peak weeks and coverage for absences.

Expected Benefit: Stability in personnel. Increase classified staff for consistency in excellent cashier customer service. Less risk of fiscal loss and errors.

Activity #4: Obtain space-saving equipment for Office for improved office efficiency, especially at front counter serving students

Expected Benefit: Improved and more efficient use of office space. Improved customer service to students.

Activity #5: Obtain new chairs for office. Existing chairs are old, uncomfortable, not ergonomic and employees sit on these all day.

Expected Benefit: Replace worn out furniture to improve ergonomics and reduce the risk of employee injury on Workmans' Compensation.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Continue to work on plans for the new Student Services Building
  • Will plan to shadow jobs in A&R to learn more of SRS program functions.
  • Will continue to update skills on spreadsheets and other software programs.
  • Staff will participate in the Customer Service Academy.
  • Plan to meet with counterparts from Cuyamaca and District to ensure consistency and efficiency between Colleges and District.
  • Will continue to work with the Information Systems Department in creating a more comprehensive student record system.
2003 2004 Accomplishments
  • Decreased waiting time at the Cashier windows
  • Worked with Health Office to establish collection procedures and proper vendor payment.
  • Worked with Student Affairs Office and Information Systems to implement the Student Representation Fee.
  • Cash Collectin procedures finished.
  • Worked with Library Media Department and Foreign Language Department to establish students acquisition of extended instructional material.
  • Implement Electronic Funds Transfer process with Financial Aid Department and District Accounting Department.