Campus Projects

Program Director or Chairperson:  Walter Sachau, Manager

Program Description: The Manager Campus Projects performs a variety of highly responsible duties related to college facilities and provides assistance and support to Facilities and Operations. Coordinate, evaluate, review, schedule and provide direction for state mandated recycling program (AB75); energy and water conservation; and assigned campus projects.

Activity #1: Improve the education of District and College faculty, staff, and students regarding the need to recycle and increase (trash diversion) recycle rate to meet the 50% mandate pursuant to AB75.

Expected Benefit: Increase the awareness and understanding of the state mandated recycling requirements of the college. Increase the amounts of recyclable materials collected and recycled, therefore meeting 50% (trash diversion) mandated pursuant to AB75. Increase the ecological awareness and need for recycling by the campus community.

Activity #2: Secure funding for 1.0 FTES Recycling/Operations Assistant classified position to meet one of the goals developed in Grossmont College's February 2000 AB75 Plan submitted to meet the State mandates of AB75.

Expected Benefit: Assists the college in meeting Grossmont's AB75, February 2000 Plan commitment of adding 1.0 FTE recycle position. This position will assist the college in meeting the AB75 State mandates 2000.

Activity #3: Support Prop R and college projects by providing necessary expertise during planning, and design phases.

Expected Benefit: A better integrated, efficient, standardized, building infrastructure. Decreased construction costs due to a standardized, well planned furniture placement and coordination.

Activity #4: Create a checklist to be placed on the Web to educate staff on the proper college process when ordering furniture, remodeling spaces, department contacts, etc. when reconfiguring a space.

Expected Benefit: Improve the process when remodeling, procuring and installing new furniture.

Activity #5: Learn Resource 25 and look at options for the campus to better utilize Resource 25 to meet campus needs.

Expected Benefit: Improve on the usefulness of Resource 25.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Assist with the relocation into a remodeled old LRC converted into a new Technology Center.
  • Assist in planning activities for the new Science and Digital Arts buildings.
  • Assist in planning activities for the renovation of Room 220.
2003 2004 Accomplishments
  • Assist in the relocation into a newly constructed and furnished LRC.
  • Coordinated the campus recycling and met required 25% recycle (trash diversion) rate State mandated for 2003 under AB75 and expanded the program.
  • Completed the East County's first Community Emergency Response Training course and received certification.
  • Assisted in the planning activities and selection of new furniture for the new Science Building.
  • Assisted in the planning activities and selection of new furniture for the Technology Center.
  • Assisted in the coordination of the relocation of Project Workplace and EOPS office remodel.