Program Director or Chairperson:  Debra Fitzsimons, Dean

Program Description: The Grossmont College Bookstore operations are contracted through Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Inc., which is responsible for the management and operation of all bookstore services. The Bookstore handles the ordering, sale, and buyback of college textbooks. Other services include sale of general merchandise, commencement announcements, class rings, and cap and gown rentals. The Barnes & Noble contract began in June 1996 for a three-year term with a renewal option for two additional years. The District is responsible for negotiating the contract terms. The Barnes & Noble contract was renegotiated beginning July 1, 2001 for a ten-year period, with two renewal options of 5 additional years each. The Bookstore was remodeled by Barnes & Noble, and had 9 full and part-time contract employees. The manager of the bookstore operations is a Barnes & Noble employee.

Activity #1: Hire a replacement Classified position of Assistant Purchaser

Expected Benefit: To improve and maintain customer service, maintain productivity and adequate supplies for students and college community.

Activity #2: Continue customer service surveys to students. (These are "How are we doing" cards given to student customers.

Expected Benefit: Improve customer service and get feedback from customers for improvements to bookstore services. These cards go directly to B&N headquarters in NJ and a report is given back to store.

Activity #3: Continue monthly cashier meetings.

Expected Benefit: To become more accessible and accountable to customers. Keep each area within the bookstore informed of other areas. Work on issues and resolve problems.

Activity #4: Attend bi-semester Bookstore Advisory Committee and gather campus input regarding bookstore matters.

Expected Benefit: Improvements in bookstore services to campus.

Activity #5: Assist Faculty with timely completion of semester books order requests.

Expected Benefit: Textbooks available to students before the first week of classes.

Additional Planning Activities

  • Update store fixtures and equipment as needed
  • Provide textbook scholarships to Grossmont College students each semester
  • Provide book vouchers through collaboration with various on and off campus programs, such as, financial aid, scholarships, EOPS, LEDI, Veterans, and the California Department of Rehabilitation
  • Provide the Grossmont College Foundation with annual support of $2,000
  • Retain good business practices and quality control standards
  • Continue to improve textbook ordering processes
2003 2004 Accomplishments
  • Hired bookseller for evening position
  • Instituted monthly staff meetings for purposes of improving communication among staff, creating a team-oriented department, identifying problems and solutions and improving efficiency
  • Graded with a 100% by "secret shoppers" who anonymously shopped as students during rush and on a phone shop by "secret shoppers"
  • Decreased the average wait time in the cashier's lines by 33%
  • Staff development and personnel topics are reviewed monthly
  • Increased B&N participation and communication with campus through Bookstore Advisory Committee
  • Course book adoptions by faculty are available on-line and via email making it easier for faculty to place their textbook orders.
  • Increased percentage of used textbooks available to students for purchase
  • Increase in volume of buyback of textbooks from students.
  • Received National Award for breaking B&N goals for course book requisitions. Entered within 12 hours of receipt instead of industry standard of 24 hours.
  • Worked with ASGC in book replacement for students who were victims of San Diego county fires. B&N paid for the book replacements, around $3500.00