Dr. Curtis L. Stevens
(Amari Ndiaye)


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Professor, Grossmont College
Department Chair, Library

    B.A.    Florida A & M University
    M.S.   Florida A & M University
    M.A.   University of Denver
    Ed.D. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Post-Graduate Studies, Activities and Workshops:
    San Diego State University - Graduate School of Business
    University of North Dakota - History
    History of the United States Constitution
    Grantsmanship and Grant Writing
    German, Spanish, Russian
    Public Administration
    Employee Relations
    Management and Management Theory
    Curriculum Development--Africa and African American History


Teaching Areas of Interest and Courses Taught:
    American Civilization (Early and Modern)
     United States History (Early and Modern)
    World Civilization (Early and Modern)
    United States History: Black Perspectives I & II
    History of Africa  (Early and Modern)
    Africana Legacy: African Retentions In Western Societies
    Methods and Materials of Teaching History and Social Studies
    Introduction to Learning Resources Centers and Libraries
    Reference Materials and Services In Libraries
    Cataloging (Descriptive and Subject Analysis)
    Non-Print Cataloging (Descriptive and Subject Analysis)
    Technical Processes and Acquisitions
    Bibliographic Approach To The History Of Africa

   Instructional Programs and Courses Developed:

          United States History I & II
        United States History: Black Perspectives
        History of Africa I & II
        Africanisms and African Retentions in Western Societies
        Library Technology Program:
            Introduction To Learning Resources Centers and Libraries
            Reference Materials and Services
            Literature of the Social Sciences
            Literature of the Sciences and Technology
            Literature of the Humanities
            Technical Services and Processes:
            Descriptive Cataloging-Print Materials
            Descriptive Cataloging-Non-Print Materials
            Acquisition and Processing of Learning Resources
        Methods and Materials for Teaching History and the Social Sciences

Other Academic Interests:

    Learning Environments
    Student Retention in the Community College
    Comparative American History
    College Administration: Curriculum (Liberal Arts)
    Higher Education In Africa (Post-Colonial)

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