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Counseling Center


Success Checklist

Use the counseling services at Grossmont College:
Talk to a counselor about what courses you should take.
Use a counselor for educational, career and personal counseling.
See a counselor at least once a semester.
Seek help from a counselor if you experience any difficulties that affect your academic performance.

Get to know your instructors:

Sit up front and ask questions.
Talk with your instructors after class.
Make appointments to meet with your instructors in their offices.
Discuss ideas for term papers and class projects with your instructors.

Learn to manage your time.

Keep a monthly calendar, a weekly schedule and a daily "to do" list.
Stick to your calendar and weekly schedule. Don't let yourself get behind!
Be realistic about the number of units you can take. Use the first semester to adapt to the academic challenges of college.
Be aware of the symptoms of poor time management. They are: high anxiety, stress, little sense of accomplishment, insufficient time to study, poor grades and burnout. If you experience any of these symptoms, make an appointment with a counselor and review your time management skills.

Be an active learner in your classes:

Participate in classroom discussions.
Summarize major points and information in your textbook and notes.
Do additional reading on topics that were introduced and discussed in class.
Attend every class meeting. Be on time.
Sit near the front of the class.
Do all assignments.
Develop and practice good listening skills. Take notes.
Get organized.

Use the library:

Ask the librarian for help in finding material.
Learn how to use the on-line catalog.
Acquaint yourself with the variety of resources available in the library: research materials, class items, current magazines and journals, books-on-tape, videos, and more.

Improve your reading and writing skills.

Take classes to develop effective reading and writing skills.
    (ENGL 51, 52, 90, 90R, 98, 98R, 110, 110R, 120, 124)
Take advantage of free tutoring available in the English Writing Center, 70-119.
Write a rough draft of a paper or essay and revise it before handing it in.  Have the English Writing Center proofread your paper.
 Talk to your instructors about comments they write on papers you turn in.

Take advantage of college support services:

Visit the Career Center, Transfer Center, Disabled Student Services, Financial Aid, EOPS, etc.
Seek help from tutors in the various study labs and Tutoring Center.
Become familiar with all of the support services available to students.

Get to know other students.

Get to know other students by joining clubs and becoming an active member of Grossmont College's Associated Students.
Form study groups with other students in your classes.

Participate in campus activities.

Attend art exhibits, concerts, theatrical events, lectures and athletic events.
Join clubs and be an active participant.



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