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your learning style determines the way in which
you take in and process information

::step one - Identify::

You will take an assessment that helps you determine the way you approach learning and remembering new information. It is what you see, hear or do that is most useful in understanding what is covered in your college courses? Do you need to see the "big picture" first, before you care about the details or do you prefer details about a topic before you understand the "big picture?".

This following assessment will give you the answer to those questions, and many others:

A Learning Style Survey for College

 ::step two - Evaluate::

The fun part!! After you submit your answers on the assessment tool, you will receive the results, which indicate with an "X" where you score on four separate learning style continuums. Click on the first link below to determine what kind of learner you are and how to best develop and utilize your unique learning strengths.

Learning Styles and Strategies