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choosing a major


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your vocational personality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a college major

::vocational personality::

It is important for your college major to be in a subject area that  interests you so you will  complete the program of study and earn a college degree. Ideally the major you choose will enable you to pursue the type of career that also appeals to other people who have similar interests.  People tend to have the most job satisfaction when they work in an environment that attracts other people like themselves. The next site will help you identify your environmental preferences in the workplace. 

Career Assessment and Research

Optional: If you want to take a more comprehensive assessment on a commercial site that requires you to provide personal information, go to mymajors.com and complete the questionnaire (if you have not taken the SAT or ACT, put in 500 for both the verbal and math scores).

Additionally, the Grossmont College Career Center is a valuable campus resource for researching career options.

::choose a major::

Now that you have identified your vocational personality and your 4-letter Learning Styles Type (from the Learning Styles page) you are ready to research and select your college major. 

Go to the following link for information about specific majors that will prepare you for a career that matches your needs and interests. 

Researching College Majors

::your educational path::

Now that you have a major and educational goal, there are many ways in which you can achieve success:

Associate Degree: If you want to earn an associate degree at Grossmont College, the courses required for your major are in the college catalog. Go to the Grossmont College Catalog to find out what classes are required for your major as well as general education requirements.

Bachelors Degree: If you want to transfer outside of San Diego County to a BA granting institution, the next site will help you find a California college/university that offers the major you have chosen.

Matching Assistant for California Colleges

If you plan on transferring to a University of California or California State University campus, this site will help you identify the campus(es) that offer your major.

Majors offered at UC and CSU Campuses

::professional assistance::

If you know where you want to transfer and you have chosen a major, then go to the Grossmont College Transfer Center and click on Preparation for the Major.  This site identifies courses at Grossmont College that will prepare you for college majors offered at the public universities in California. 

If you want to attend an out-of-state college or university then you will need to use the resources in the Transfer Center. 

::next step::

After you have gathered information about your college major and the transfer institution you want to attend, you are ready to go to Academic Planning.