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learning styles


study behaviors


choosing a major


academic planning
















the college success profile has been designed to help you to become a more focused and successful student


The College Success Profile will...

  • identify learning strengths and develop strategies to improve achievement
  • appraise study skills and learn how to overcome ineffective behaviors
  • assess vocational personality and choose an appropriate college major
  • develop an educational goal and/or a semester by semester plan for achieving it


  • You're a student who is just starting out, or maybe you feel like you need to focus your direction - start from the top and work your way down. The College Success Profile has been designed to provide information in sequential order.
  • You're a student who is looking for assistance in overcoming a specific hurdle - simply navigate yourself to the sections of the website that address your concerns (i.e. choosing a major, study skills, etc.).


Created for the Grossmont College community...a resource for students everywhere.


by Mary Rider, Counselor
Grossmont College

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