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Academic Senate

Academic Senate

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About the Academic Senate

What are the Senate's role and responsibilities?

The Academic Senate, representing the faculty of Grossmont College, consults collegially with both the college administration and the Governing Board (in line with AB1725) to reach mutual agreement on the development of policies and procedures related to academic and professional matters.

What are academic and professional matters?

  1. Curriculum, including established prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines;
  2. Degree and certificate requirements;
  3. Grading policies;
  4. Educational program development;
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success;
  6. District and College governance structures as related to faculty roles;
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in the accreditation process, including the College's self-study and other annual reports;
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities;
  9. Processes for program review;
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development; and
  11. Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the Governing Board and Academic Senate.


Spring 2016 Meeting Calendar

All meeting times are 11:00-12:20pm unless otherwise indicated.

Date Location
Joint Senate, January 29, 2016       Cuyamaca College (Rm. s16-4050)                   
February 1, 2016 Griffin Gate
February 29, 2016 Griffin Gate
March 7, 2016 Griffin Gate
April 4, 2016 Griffin Gate
April 18, 2016 Griffin Gate
May 2, 2016 Griffin Gate
May 16, 2016 Griffin Gate
June 6, 2016 Griffin Gate

Past Meeting Minutes & Agendas

05-02-16 OER ResolutionDRAFT
GCAS Resolution on PT Office Hours Draft
PTFC Report PowerPoint
04-18-16 04-18-16
04-04-16 04-04-16
Academic Rank Approved List
03-07-16 03-07-16
LMS Selection Plan
Doing What Matters Ppt
02-29-16 02-29-16
LMS Survey Results
Sustainability Presentation
02-01-16 02-01-06
Grossmont College Pre-Enrollment Interventions Sp2016
Districtwide Goals

Contact Us

Tate Hurvitz, PhD
Academic Senate President
Sasha Carter
Interim Administrative Assistant I 

Senate Officers

Tate Hurvitz - President Jeff Lehman - Vice President
David Milroy - Part-Time Senate Officer at Large Beth Kelley - Senate Officer at Large
Pearl Lopez - Senate Officer at Large Cary Willard - Senate Officer at Large
Last Updated: 05/12/2016
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