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Grossmont College Classified Senate

Grossmont College Classified Senate Elections 2016

The GCCCD Classified Senate has restructured. The Classified Senate consists of councils at Cuyamaca College, Grossmont College, and District Services with separate executive boards. Please visit your local council's website for up to date information about classified staff leadership:

Please visit the Grossmont College public drive for shared governance meeting notes and documents at: M:\Joint-Classified Senate\Grossmont College

Grossmont College - Classified Senate Leadership

Grossmont College Classified Senate picture of officers and senators in front of LTRCPictured from top left: Elaine Adlam, Anthony Cutietta, Bryan Lam, Evan Ramos, Dana Mints, Nicole Boyer, Monica Blando and Silva Jajo. Not Pictured: Maria De La Cruz

Executive Team

President                  Anthony Cutietta
Vice President           Bryan Lam
Secretary                  Maria De La Cruz
Treasurer                  Nicole Boyer


Committee Communications  Silva Jajo 
Community Outreach           Elaine Adlam
Employee Outreach              Evan Ramos
Special Events Coordination  Dana Mints
Student Outreach                Monica Blando

Grill and Chill Event Grossmont College 2016

Last Updated: 12/08/2016

Interested in serving?

Be a part of Classified Senate! Attend a meeting to learn more:

2017 Meeting Schedule will be posted soon

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