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Chemistry Tutorials

What is it?

The classes listed in the class schedules Chem. 115T, Chem. 120T or in general as "Chem. XXXT" , are one unit "laboratory" classes in which you can receive tutoring in a number of topics in which students often need extra help. You can use the computers anytime that the chemistry learning center is open. There are instructors available during the scheduled class times to give you help with the lessons or with other questions that you may have concerning your chemistry course. This may include questions concerning your homework, calculations for your laboratory work or questions about the material in your textbook. Instructors are on duty at other times as well to give the same sort of help. Consult the "Chemistry Help" schedule that will be posted about one week after the start of the semester. Please remember , however, that instructors who are supervising regular chemistry laboratories must give first priority to the operation of their laboratory classes.

What do I have to do?

Each of the Chem. xxxT classes is a one unit laboratory course that meets for three hours per week. Each one is graded on a credit or no credit (i.e., Cr/NCr ) basis. You will receive a Credit grade if you complete at least 85% of the tutorial lessons with a grade of at least 70%. The highest grade recorded for each lesson or tutorial is the highest one that you have earned. For example , suppose that on tutorial lesson 5 you at first earn 55% but you return the next day, do it over again and get a grade of 90%. The computer will record only the 90%. Each lesson may be attempted as many times as necessary to get a passing score. and you may repeat each lesson as often as you want for review. There is never any penalty for repeating a lesson . The lessons are designed to supplement the material that you will be studying in from your textbook and class lectures. There are no quizzes, exams or outside written work. There are no books, computer disks or other supplies to purchase. The course will cost you whatever is the current fee for a one unit class. (if you have to pay nonresident tuition, please contact the instructor.)

When do I go to class?

Although you must enroll for a particular class section (i.e., one that does not conflict with any other class that you are taking at either Grossmont or Cuyamaca College), it is not necessary to always attend during your assigned class time; you may come in whenever you wish. Be sure to check in with your instructor of record during the first or second week. The requirement by the State of California is that you either complete your assignments or attend at least 75 minutes per week. The schedule below shows the times and places where you can have access to the Chemistry Network. Your attendance is recorded by the computer when you log in and out of the system with your ID number. The system is NOT connected to the telephone therefore it is not possible to access it by modem from off campus.

You are required to check-in, in person, with your actual tutorial instructor a minimum of four times during term. You are to get your instructor's signature in the space provided on the other side of this sheet. When you come to get signed off, bring your printout that shows which lessons that you have completed.

Please be aware that the CHEMISTRY STOCKROOM STAFF are not available for help with your chemistry tutorial lessons or other course related problems. You may ask then for more paper for the printers or for help when the system malfunctions, BUT they are not supposed to help you with your lessons! You may get assistance, however, from any of the chemistry instructors during the following times:

(i) during any of the scheduled tutorial classes.

(ii) during any of the chemistry lab classes - but remember that the needs of the scheduled lab have first priority!

(iii) during office hours held by the instructors in their offices or in Room 30-252. These times will be posted in the laboratories and on various bulletin boards.

Where and when can I use the computers this summer? 

Chemistry Department Learning Center

Fall and Spring Hours

Room 30-252

Mon - Thurs 7:30am-10:00pm
Fridays 7:30am-3:00pm
Weekends Closed




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