International Business

The International Business program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and expertise to move products across international borders. The program not only offers international business studies, but general business, culture and language as well.

This program will prepare students to enter into import and export activities. Many of these opportunities are with San Diego area businesses. The program also appeals to students planning to live and work in foreign countries. Furthermore, those students interested in starting their own import or export business have found the program particularly valuable. Internships can be arranged in some cases.


The management curriculum is designed to provide the student with the skills necessary for success as a manager in today's demanding organizational climate. The program is of benefit to the man or woman who aspires to a first-level or higher management position in any organization, including, business, government, or service organizations. Also, much of this curriculum is transferable to four-year institutions.


This program is designed to prepare you for a career in marketing. Marketing consists of all the activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer. This includes market research, physical distribution, wholesaling, advertising, personal selling and retailing. This broad field offers many employment opportunities, most of which are in wholesale and retail trade. Cooperative work experience is an important feature of this program.