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Business Office Technology


Informational Sheet

Internship Coordinators

Linda Snider, Internship Coordinator 619 644 7816


Barb Gillespie, Internship Coordinator 619 644 7984

BOT (Business Office Technology)
Internship Training

  • Eligible students will have completed 12 units in their BOT major, whether medical office assistant, general office, accounting or insurance.
  • At this time, there are no medical office internships available. Medical Office Assistant students may apply for and complete an internship in a non-medical office.
  • Eligible students are required to be enrolled in at least 7 units during the internship period, including internship unit(s).
  • Internship students will provide their own transportation to the site.
223 1 60 75 4 hrs/wk*

*varies according to when a student begins their work experience

If a student uses their present job, then they must assume responsibilities above and beyond current duties.

Expectations of training Site Supervisors:

  • Communicate with intern and Coordinator in a timely manner.
  • Sign required (hold harmless) forms, complete intern evaluation at the end of the semester.
  • Provide a safe, rewarding work experience.
  • Be accommodating with studentís schedule.

Student responsibilities:

  • Complete all required paperwork:  Basic information sheet describing your work experience to date, a Hold Harmless Packet, provide a copy of your transcript showing the number of BOT units completed, Goals & Objectives form, Timesheet (obtain supervisorís signature after appropriate hours on the job), and end-of-internship report (one page).
  • Communicate with training site and Coordinator in a timely manner on all issues.
  • Complete the internship within the specified time allowed during the semester.
  • Represent the college in a positive way as an intern.

If you're interested in participating in the BOT Internship program, contact the Internship Coordinator at We'll then see what kind of working environment you're interested in (whether it be on or off campus) and I'll assist you in finding a site that is in need of an intern's assistance. It's up to you, the potential intern, to enroll in the class (see chart above), then contact the me to begin the process of finding an internship site for you.




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