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Behavioral Sciences Department




Psychology can be defined as the science of behavior, cognitive and brain processes. At Grossmont College, students gain a broad understanding of the field by completing courses across a range of psychological disciplines. We offer a broad range of courses including general introduction to psychology, statistics, human sexuality, developmental, learning, physiological, social, cross-cultural and abnormal psychology.

An understanding of the spectrum of psychological knowledge, methods, and concepts facilitates and enhances productivity in virtually every area of human endeavor, and promotes interpersonal skills and sensitivities. Additionally, the emphasis on the scientific approach to psychological study serves to enhance critical thinking and reasoning skills. Although psychology is a general interdisciplinary arts major, some undergraduates major in psychology in preparation for graduate school, where they will be trained to become professional psychologists and scholars. Others use psychology as a pre-professional major for other fields, such as law, medicine, or business.

Professional Organizations

American Psychological Association

Association for Psychological Science

Western Psychological Association




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