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Prerequisite Clearance Information



  • Prerequisite clearance requests should be requested two weeks
    prior to your registration date.

  • Requests require a minimum of 2 weeks to process.

  • Required prerequisites are posted in the Grossmont College catalog.

  • Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.

  • Please read all the information below before sending your request.


Clearing the Bio 120 pre-requisite for any Grossmont College Course.


The Bio 120 pre-requisite will clear automatically for students who have successfully completed.


  • Bio 120 at Grossmont College.

  • Bio 130 AND Bio 131 at Cuyamaca college.


For students with an earned Bachelor's or higher degree in Biology, please send evidence of your degree to the appropriate Biology CoChair.



For students who have successfully completed a Bio 120 equivalent course at California Community College, CSU, UC or an out of state accredited college/university. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.


Bio 120 equivalent course must have, at a minimum, the following characteristics.


  1. 4 semester units (or the equivalent): 3 units of lecture AND 1 unit of lab.

  2. Lecture units must be equivalent to 48 contact hours or more.

  3. Lab units must be equivalent to 48 contact hours or more.

  4. Cover content similar to Biology 120.

  5. NOTE:

    • Courses or a series of courses without lab hours are not equivalent.
    • Specialty courses (e.g. Human Biology, Anatomy, A&P, Microbiology, etc) are not equivalent.
  6. Both Semesters of Biology Major's sequence are required for equivalent.


Submit the following information by email to the appropriate Biology Department CoChair.



1. Your full name as registered and your Grossmont College NUMERICAL Student ID.


2. The name of the College/University where the course was taken.


3. The course name and number for the Bio 120 equivalent course.


  • Semester or quarter length course.
  • Indicate if either lecture or lab was online. Courses taken online must have a traditional lab. Online labs are not accepted.


4. A direct web link to the course's description in the catalog of the college where the course was taken.


  • Additional information, such as lecture and/or lab schedule, may be required to confirm course content if the description is insufficient.

  • If a direct link is not possible, send a link to the catalog and include the catalog page number for the course description.


5. The year the course was completed.


6. ATTACH: A copy of unofficial transcripts listing the course and grade.


  • Equivalency evaluations take a minimum of 2 weeks.

  • Requests for expedited reviews will not result in a faster response.

  • Failure to submit any items will increase the time for evaluation.


Clearing the Bio 144 pre-requisite for Bio 145


Bio 144 equivalent courses


  1. MUST HAVE Bio 120 equivalent as a required pre-requisite.

  2. MUST BE part of a 2 semester A&P sequence.

  3. MUST HAVE course content, lecture hours and lab hours equal to or exceeding those of Bio 144.

  4. No exceptions. Do Not request evaluations of courses that do not include items 1-3.


Email the appropriate Biology Department Co-Chair with your name and Grossmont Student ID. A list of items required materials for course equivalency evaluation will be sent as a reply to your email.



To clear the Chemistry pre-requisite for BIO 230


See Chemistry Department pre-requisite page.


To clear the Math pre-requisite for BIO 180, 240


See Math Department pre-requisite page.

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