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American Sign Language



American Sign Language

Did you know that American Sign Language meets the language requirement for many colleges all over the nation?

Did you know that American Sign Language meets general education requirements and transfers to most CSU's (California State Universities) and UC's (Universities) in California?

So come and join us in learning the native language of the Deaf community!

Grossmont College offers an Associate degree in American Sign Language (ASL). The focus of our degree is fluency in Sign Language - Not interpreting as this requires a different set of skills. Our degree offers language fluency and cultural awareness to sign with Deaf friends, Deaf co-workers, Deaf family members, and the Deaf Community.

The courses in the ASL Major are:

  • ASL 120 American Sign Language I

  • ASL 121 American Sign Language II

  • ASL 122 Beginning level practicum

  • ASL 220 American Sign Language III

  • ASL 222 Intermediate level practicum

  • ASL 221 American Sign Language IV

  • ASL 140 Perspectives of Deaf Culture

  • PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology




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