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Administration of Justice



NOTE:  Possible next offering: Spring 2015.  Please check website often for updates.


The only other course available is through Miramar College.  Please check their website for course offerings.
May not be open to the public at this time.

This course is offered in the spring semester only



128 HOURS (112  lecture / 16  lab) 7 units
Mon. & Wed. nights, 6-10pm

This course can help prepare students for work as dispatchers in fire and police agencies.

The Dispatch course is also POST approved as meeting the basic Dispatcher training for law enforcement agencies.Dispatch  It also includes a Computer Aided Dispatch component using state of the art computer technology.  In addition, students participate in "on-the-job" experience by working side by side with local police and fire dispatchers.  NOTE: Students must also meet POST requirements for employment as Dispatchers!!  Background checks ARE done for the "Ride along" components, where they work with local dispatchers.  Those with Felony convictions and other disqualifiers may not be eligible to participate in the program!  Background checks are not required to enter the course.

This course is offered on Monday & Wednesday nights from 6-10pm, with some Saturdays TBA.  We offer the course during the spring semester only, depending on budget, and it is a full semester in length (16 weeks).  Ca residents will pay $322 for tuition.  Parking permit, book, health fee and other fees are not included in tuition. Non residents will be charged $1652 for out of state tuition.

To enroll in this course, submit an application to the college at and then register through WebAdvisor. 

If you have any specific questions about dispatch or other AOJ programs, please contact our Administration of Justice office at 619-644-7323 or email

For step-by-step instructions on how to register, go to the POST CPT Training link on the left.


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Students planning careers in the Administration of Justice field may choose from several programs to suit their specific objectives. Please click on another link to learn more about our other programs.


To find other colleges who may offer this course, please visit the POST website at, click on the course catalog.  You will see who is certified to offer the course, however you will need to contact the provider to find out when the course is available. 

Students should be aware that prior felony convictions and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions are disqualifying for employment in public safety. Prior substance abuse and other disqualifiers may apply in specific positions related to law enforcement, or forensics.








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