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Administration of Justice



Preparing for your Future

Semester Courses

Grossmont college operates on a semester length calendar, with many classes also offered in the summer months. College fees for residents are $46.00 per unit. Classes are also offered at night for working adults. Out of state or international student fees vary.

Admission and Records

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are all either current or former law enforcement officers, attorneys, dispatchers, correctional or probation officers, security managers, or forensic experts. We have experts in all facets of criminalistics, fingerprinting, crime scene photography, investigations, management, dispatch, court systems and patrol work. Our instructors are listed in this web site.

Work experience and Internships

We offer work experience (120 - 150 hours each semester) as electives, with local agencies or businesses. Depending on where your interest lies, you may find yourself working side by side with patrol officers, SWAT officers, crime scene technicians, dispatchers, fingerprint experts, photography experts, and corporate security managers! The value of this experience should not be underestimated!!

We offer some of the finest coursework and instructors available to give our students a realistic view of public safety and security occupations. We have small classes, especially in the lab components in the forensic, firearms, and dispatch courses, which give students a more personal approach to learning.

Students should be aware that prior felony convictions and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions are disqualifying for employment in public safety. Prior substance abuse and other disqualifiers may apply in specific positions related to law enforcement or forensics.


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