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 SDPD Crime Lab Tour, Spring 2010

Mission Statement:  The purpose of ACJA/LAE/GXX is to promote and enhance the members' knowledge of the criminal justice field by providing educational activities and networking opportunities.

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 GROSSMONT COLLEGE Chapter Gamma Chi Chi, (GXX) of the   American Criminal Justice Association, Lambda Alpha Epsilon

The club meetings are every 1st Friday of the month at 1800 hours (6pm).  Please note meetings may be changed or canceled with short notice.



2014 Meeting Dates / Guest Speakers
Location 34-150
(unless otherwise noted)

Sept. 5   Marty Martins, DDA, Retired. Topic: Career Opportunities, about DA's office, and the relationship with Law Enforcement

Oct. 10  Det. Stan Schwarz, CVPD; Topic:  Crimes of Violence

Nov. 7  Trisha Gooch, Director of Development & Community Relations, Second Chance; Topic:  Second Chance Program - An alternative to incarceration that works

Dec. 5*   Christmas Potluck- Randy Gibson, SDPD Crime Lab; Topic: The McDonalds Massacre & the new Digital Tech Unit at SDPD. 

*December meeting to be held in room 31-370

Please bring a dish to share at the Dec. meeting.





Children are not allowed at any of the LAE meetings.



Officers:  Club officers 2014
From left to right:  Tracey, Jennifer, Tina, Skip Sperber, Tim, Terrie


President : Tim Ryan

VP: Terrie Drago

Secretary:   Heather Collins-Chandler

 Treasurer: Tracey Tavis

Sergeant at Arms:  Jennifer Vaugh-Cooper

Advisors: Tina Young, Forensic Instructor


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LAE National Organization  Please Note:  Applications that are downloaded need to be processed at Grossmont College.  LAE is not active during June, July and August.  Please do not submit applications to the AOJ office until the first meeting in September.

Students should be aware that prior felony convictions and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions are disqualifying for employment in public safety. Prior substance abuse and other disqualifiers may apply in specific positions related to law enforcement or forensics.


Spring 2014 Career Fair


Career fair 2014 Career fair 2014





L.A.E. American Criminal Justice Association

The emblem of Lambda Alpha Epsilon consists of a hexagon upon which is inscribed three Greek letters, Lambda, Alpha and Epsilon, a web, a star and a pair of scales. Each of these figures has a particular significance for us in the field of criminal justice.

The Greek letter "Lambda" is the first letter of the Greek word "Lambano" which means "to detect and apprehend". "Alpha" is the first letter of the Greek word "Anakrinen" meaning "to adjudicate". "Epsilon" is the letter of the Greek word "Exorthoun" which translated means "to rehabilitate". The three letters taken together are representative of the primary functions of criminal justice systems everywhere; to detect, to adjudicate, to rehabilitate.


The star is representative of the light of knowledge. The validity of the adage "Knowledge is Power" becomes more apparent each day. Now, more than ever, those of us who are committed to the criminal justice system appreciate that only by acquisition and dissemination of knowledge can we hope to perform an adequate service to our communities. In our oath we obligate ourselves to be both a teacher and a student of the art and science of criminal justice. Let this star Constantly remind us of our dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.


The web symbolizes the great complexity of criminal activity. The edges of this web are anchored to our national boundaries from state to state, and city to city. The web has a second significance: for criminal justice agents. It accentuates the multitude of agencies dedicated to cope with this massive dilemma. Each act of agency cooperation helps eliminate a strand in the web of crime making it progressively easier to deal with this enormous social problem.


Traditionally, scales are emblematic of justice. As criminal justice agents, we are committed to deal with our respective tasks honestly, truthfully, and without prejudice. The evidence of our skill is the ability to consummate our tasks with the highest degree of professional integrity.

As criminal justice agents, we are charged to detect, to apprehend, to prosecute, to adjudicate, and to rehabilitate criminal offenders whenever and wherever they come before the system. As members of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, we know that these objectives can best be achieved through the just administration of the art and science of the criminal justice system.

Grossmont's Chapter; Gamma Chi Chi

Our Chapter; Gamma Chi Chi, hosted the Region I conference in November '99, and by all accounts, this was the first time that LAE had ever had a conference in San Diego since it's inception in 1937!! We hosted about 300 students from as far away as Hawaii and Washington.

We (Gamma Chi Chi) took 19 awards at the Regional Conference in Whittier and 5 awards in the Nationals in Williamsburg, VA! Winners in Virgina included Brenda Bass, 2nd place, upper division in both Juvenile Law and Corrections. Laura Scott got first place in physical agility, upper division and Karen LeAcala placed 2nd. Laura, Kerry Perkins and Melinda Blakely-Bowes got 3rd place upper div. firearms. We had a great time and met lots of great students and advisors. We're already gearing up for the Regionals and the Nationals!

K-9 Demonstration Spring 2010




San Diego Medical Examiner's Office Tour, Spring, 2010


"San Diego Sheriff's Dept. Post Blast Investigation Training, Spring, 2010




Regional Conference Competitions - 2000



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