Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.




Hardware and software products and programs are being replaced as needed.  All the PCs in DSPS have been targeted for replacement in 2008.  In addition DSPS will be purchasing for the DSPS test proctoring center a new photocopier to facilitate processing and record-keeping of exams.  District software licenses are up-to-date.

During the next two years, we plan to continue a phased-in upgrade of peripheral components (e.g., scanners, printers, etc.) and upgrade software licenses. 

 Curriculum Impact

Over the next two years, an increase in the availability of assistive computer technology will enable DSPS to expand its ability to offer testing accommodations on computer as well as expand the use of computers in the courses offered under the auspices of DSPS.  As we integrate the use of Web-based instructional materials into the PDSS courses we offer, DSPS will experience growth in its overall Web presence.

 Approximate Number of Students Served

DSPS is currently serving nearly 1000 students.  We anticipate this number to steadily increase in proportion to projected student enrollment increases.

 Support Impact

While technical support needs will most likely remain the same in the future, personnel needs will increase as specified in the Educational Master Plan.

 Year 1 (2007-2008)


During the first phase of our two-year objective, we will replace and/or upgrade as necessary the PCs and available software in DSPS.  We will also purchase additional hardware and software to increase efficiency of office procedures.

 Action to Meet Objective

        Will replace obsolete PCs in DSPS.

         Will upgrade and purchase additional USB flatbed and high-speed scanners as necessary for for DSPS.

        Will purchase printer to expand capability to produce instructional materials for students with visual disabilities.

        Will purchase upgrades to current student appointment management software (SARS) as necessary.

 Year 2 (2008-2009)


During the second phase of our two-year objective, we will continue to upgrade hardware and software, as necessary, in DSPS.  We will also investigate purchasing a computer monitoring system to facilitate test proctoring.

 Action to Meet Objective

        Will upgrade or replace hardware and software purchased to fulfill phase one objectives.

         Will hire hourly staff as needed to meet service delivery needs.

 Year 3 (2009-2010)


        Maintain up-to-date technology for all pertinent DSPS staff members that meets District Information Systems standards.

        Utilize software and hardware that enhances efficient recordkeeping/scheduling/storage and inter- and intra-office communication.

 Action to Meet Objective

        Participate in the Student Services PC replacement plan.
       Ensure that necessary software supported and funded by Information Systems is included in the Districtís Information Technology Plan.
       Identify and obtain area-specific software funded by the college.

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