Grossmont College Technology Plan 2007-2010.


Business Administration


Describe current condition of technology within the department and anticipated direction for the next three years.  

Classroom technology is up-to-date in the “dedicated” classrooms for Accounting (Room 522) and Business Communication (Room 562).  However, not all classrooms used for business courses are so equipped.  In addition, the department currently has outdated computer equipment in all faculty offices.  As the number of faculty teaching hybrid and online courses increases, the need for replacing outdated equipment in faculty offices is more pronounced.

Curriculum Impact

Describe the impact of technology on curriculum over the next three years.

Our proposed plan will impact all the business courses taught by full- and part-time faculty. 

Approximate Number of Students Served

Enter the number of students the department is currently serving and include anticipated increase or decrease. 

The department currently serves approximately 1,800 students.  This figure is expected to remain relatively constant with possible increases due to increased offerings in the online format.

Support Impact

Describe if more technical or more personnel support is anticipated as a future need. 

·        The department has long-standing needs in the area of computer equipment for faculty and clerical assistance. 

·        Initial training for new faculty teaching in the department. 

·        Advanced training for all faculty in the areas of WebCT, Blackboard, homework manager programs, as well as initial training for new software acquired.

Year 1 (2007-2008)


Describe the first phase of your two-year objective.

 To bring state-of-the-art technology to faculty in the department to aid them in instruction and to promote efficiency in the daily administrative tasks assigned to the department.

 Action to Meet Objective

Include technology and equipment to be purchased.  Also address support personnel needs.  

  1. Purchase new state-of-the-art computers with adequate USB ports for use in faculty offices.
  2. Purchase flat screen monitors for use in faculty offices.
  3. Purchase flash drives for all faculty who require them.
  4. Purchase document cameras for classrooms where business courses are offered.  (Room 524, for example)
  5. Fund technical training for faculty as needed.
  6. Hire a permanent part-time clerical assistant for the department.

 Year 2 (2008-2009)


Describe the second phase of your two-year objective. 

 Continue to meet the objectives of the previous year.

 Action to Meet Objective

Include technology and equipment to be purchased.  Also address support personnel needs. 

 Continue to pursue the action plan of the previous year.

 Year 3 (2009-2010)


Continue to meet the objectives of the previous years.

 Action to Meet Objective

Continue to pursue the action plan of the previous years.


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