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OPT Testimonials

Please read what graduates have said about the O.P.T. program. 

Success Stories:

I was fearful of leaving the security of a job that I had for 15 years, afraid that another company may not want to hire a 52-year-old woman, and terrified that I could not learn all the new computer skills that are being used in today’s business world.  When I enrolled in the OPT program, I found supportive teachers and staff members who helped me gain the confidence that you can begin a new career no matter what age or circumstances have occurred in your life.  I graduated from OPT in January 2007. On February 5, 2007, I began my new insurance career as an Administrative Assistant in downtown San Diego. My goal is to continue learning and move into the Claims Department. --P.A.

Prior to enrolling in the OPT program, I had worked quite a few miscellaneous jobs, ranging from gathering carts for Home Depot to construction to fast food.  I was referred to the OPT program through two of my relatives.  Both of them spoke highly of the program and were currently in high paying positions, put in place by OPT's career placement program.  Shortly after graduating, I was set up with an internship.  My insurance knowledge and office skills were almost immediately recognized, and I was offered a permanent position. Today I am a licensed broker in 18 different states and currently have my own book of business with two of my own assistants, who now issue certificates and service the clients’ day to day needs on my behalf.  I sit in an office with views of mountains and the Coronado Bridge. What more could you ask for?  It has been close to eight years since I graduated from the OPT program, and I have to say that it was the best decision I ever made.  If OPT had not been willing to work with me, I doubt that I would have been able to achieve anywhere near the success that this program has provided. --K.B.

The OPT program changed my life and allowed me to gain employment in the job of my dreams. --R.M.

I now have the confidence and the skills to get a job that I can be proud of.  My future looks bright. --D.S.

The OPT program has changed my life infinitely.  I am a confident young woman, ready to go to work in the business world. --K.R.                                             



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