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Business Office Technology





According to, one of the Eight Things That Can Boost Your Pay is education.

The relationship between your education and what's normally required for a job usually affects an employee’s pay.  In the long run, the more quality education and training a prospective worker possesses, the greater the chance of earning a higher wage.

            At Grossmont College, the Business Office Technology (BOT) department offers a variety of two-year degrees and certificate programs.  This curriculum prepares students for employment and advancement in today’s technologically-intensive office.  Careers include:  Office Coordinator, Budget Manager, Event Coordinator, Quality Controller, Account Clerk, Human Resources Analyst, Legal Assistant, and Desktop Publishing Specialist.

These certificates are designed to accommodate a variety of needs and career paths.  In addition to traditional office skills, students acquire proficiency in using computers and current software (Microsoft Office 2003—the 2007 version is slated to begin in spring 2008) to perform a variety of essential administrative functions.  Graduates of the department will be prepared to work with management in all types of business environments. For those students working toward a degree, they can be earning certificates of achievement, whereas those taking a few courses in a short semester (16 weeks) can be awarded a certificate of proficiency.  Degrees include Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant.  Administrative and Executive Assistants comprise one of the largest job categories locally and nationally, and the BOT department offers several areas of study related to these job categories. The more popular certificates include:  Account Clerk, Virtual Assistant, Healthcare Documentation (formerly known as Medical Transcription), Office Professional, and Software Specialist.  

            The BOT computer flex lab offers an open entry/open exit environment in which students can select from a variety of courses ranging from basic keyboarding to comprehensive level hands-on applications.  Learners arrange their schedules based on personal calendars, putting in a minimum number of hours weekly.  . 

            Additionally, online and hybrid (blended) courses exist for alternative educational delivery modes.  Online learning is strictly web (no face-to-face), whereas the hybrid class meets several times on-campus during the semester.  Instructor-led courses are also available.  The fall schedule is posted online:  One can apply and enroll online.  School begins Monday, January 28.

            The Office Professional Training (OPT) program offers free (for those who qualify), intensive training for 20 weeks, starting July 30.  OPT provides the choice of three tracks:  accounting, insurance and general office support.  Students enroll in units related to keyboarding, office procedures, filing, Outlook, MS Office Word and Excel, Business English, and job search strategies.

OPT graduates benefit from job placement and internship opportunities upon successful completion of certificate requirements.   Entry-level employment wages range from $10-15/hour, depending on the location and the job duties.  CalWORKs recipients are encouraged to apply by contacting the OPT office at:  619-644-7247.  For further details, please visit the website:

To learn more about careers in the Business Office Technology area, view the department website: or call Linda Snider, BOT Coordinator, at 619-644-7816 or email:

Linda Snider is the BOT Coordinator/Assistant Professor at Grossmont College. 







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